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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the carpal tunnel syndrome?

    It represents a variety of disorders due to the compression of the median nerve in its passage in carpal tunnel.
  • Who is mainly affected?

    Carpal tunnel syndrome affects mainly (but not only) women, especially the manual workers or the perimenopausal ones.
  • What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

    Mainly sensitivity disorders that affect the first three-­four fingers and that are present especially at night and/or when you wake up.
  • Is surgery the only cure?

    No. Forms of carpal tunnel syndrome of mild or medium severity can be treated through the use of the innovative MANU® hand brace.
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Why choose MANU hand brace?

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Innovative treatment

MANU® is the innovative soft hand brace designed for the conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.
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Rapid action

MANU®hand brace, worn only during the night, acts immediately* and does not prevent normal daily activities.
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Immediate shipping

We send our medical devices all over the world by express courier so thah the delivery takes place in a short time.
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No drugs, no surgery

Soft hand brace MANU® can cure* mild and medium forms of carpal tunnel syndrome, without resorting to drugs or surgery.
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Proven benefits

The efficacy and tolerability of MANU® brace have been demonstrated in several scientific studies published on the international medical literature.
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A hand brace tailored for you

We produce MANU®, the hand brace against carpal tunnel syndrome, for both hands and in four sizes in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

MANU, a choice for a better life!

The effectiveness of MANU® persists even after six months of discontinuing treatment.


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* Like every clinical treatment, result is not guaranteed in 100% of cases and the response to treatment may vary from patient to patient.

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